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See the Dentist BEFORE something hurts!

At New Age Dental Group, we specialize in improving patients’ smiles with conservative and noninvasive dental procedures, by bringing the latest proven technology to all aspects of dentistry, from advanced cosmetic procedures like porcelain veneers and implants to cleanings and fillings. Through preventative and cosmetic dentistry, our dental office team in Santa Clarita helps patients achieve optimal oral health. We only use state- of-the-art technologies to give you the best dental care experience possible.

What is Cosmetic Dentistry?

Cosmetic dentistry can be anything done to correct imperfections in the appearance of the mouth. Anyone who is unhappy with their smile can have it improved through several different cosmetic dental procedures. The upper teeth show, usually, only when smiling, while the lower teeth remain hidden. This is reversed when talking, with the upper teeth remaining hidden while the lower teeth show. The color, alignment, spacing as well as regularity of the teeth are the characteristics that give the overall appearance to a great smile. Any of these can be repaired to give a stunning look to the mouth. Our office offers a variety of cosmetic and preventative dental options. Some of these options are whitening, smile design, re-contouring of the shape of the teeth, veneers, bonding, and all ceramic/porcelain crowns.

What is Preventive Dentistry?

Preventive dentistry is a way to prevent any type of gum disease or tooth decay.

It includes:

  • Regular Dental Exams

  • Simple Cleanings, known as Prophylaxis

  • Periodontal Maintenance, usually performed 3-4 months after Scaling and Root Planning, known as a Deep Cleaning

  • Sealants

  • Fluoride Treatments (if necessary)

When Shall I Make an Appointment?

Well, let us cut to the chase :) Call now. Call Tomorrow. Don't wait for something to start making you feel discomfort, or hurt. Most dental conditions can be prevented by having regular exams, following your Dentist's advise, and taking a very good care of your dental health. Needless to say, an issues that wasn't addressed before it appeared or in its initial stages, may result in serious health complications and very sizable financial expense. Schedule your checkup, and we will do our very best to rid you off the worries and help you attain the best smile you can have :)

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